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 pra-saṅga [ prasaGga ]

See under pra-śañj

pra-saṅga [ prasaGga ]

m. adherence, attachment, inclination or devotion to , indulgence in, fondness for, gratification of, occupation or intercourse with ( loc., gen. or comp. ) Mn. MBh. etc. ( ena ind. assiduously, zealously, eagerly ; also below ).

evil inclination or illicit pursuit Mn. ix, 5

union, connection ( ifc. ' connected with ', e.g. madhu-prasaṅga- madhu, ' honey connected with or coming in the spring season ' ) Ratnâv. i, 17

( pl. ) all that is connected with or results from anything Kām

occurrence of a possibility, contingency, case, event ŚrS. Mn. Śaṃk. Pāṇ. Sch. ( e.g. ecaḥ pluta-prasaṅge, ' in the event of a diphthong being prolated ' )

applicability Vajras

an occasion, incident, conjuncture, time, opportunity MBh. Kāv. etc. ( ibc.

ena, āt and atas ind. when the occasion presents itself, occasionally, incidentally

prasaṅge kutrâpi, ' on a certain occasion '

amunā prasaṅgena, tat-prasaṅgena or etat-prasaṅge, ' on that occasion ' )

mention of parents ( ?, = guru-kīrtita ) Sāh

( in dram. ) a second or subsidiary incident or plot W.

N. of a man Kathās

( pl. ) of a Buddhistic school

-nivāraṇa n. the prevention of ( similar ) eases, obviation of ( like future ) contingencies Kull. on Mn. viii, 334

-prôṣita mfn. happening to be departed or absent Daś

-ratnâkara m. -ratnâvalī f. N. of wks.

-vat mfn. occasional, incidental Daś

-vaśāt ind. according to the time, as occasion may demand MW.

-vinivṛtti f. the non-recurrence of a case Mn. viii, 368

-sama m. ( in Nyāya ) the sophism that the proof too must be proved Nyāyas. Sarvad

°gânu. saṅgena ind. by the way, by the by, Sāṃkhyas. Sch.

°gâbharaṇa n. N. of a modern poetical anthology

pra-saṅgin [ prasaGgin ]

mfn. attached or devoted to ( comp. ) Ṛitus. Śaṃk

connected with, dependent on, belonging to, contingent, additional MBh. Suśr.

occurring, appearing, occasional, incidental MBh. Pat.

secondary, subordinate, non-essential MBh.

°gi-tā f. attachment, addiction to intercourse with ( comp. ) MBh. Tattvas

pra-sajya [ prasajya ]

mfn. to be attached to or connected with


-tā f. applicability, Śaṃkar

pratiṣedha m. the negative form of an applicable ( positive ) statement Pat. ( also °sajyāyām pr° ib. ; °dha-tva n. Sāh. )

pra-sañjana [ prasaJjana ]

n. attaching, uniting, combining, connecting W.

applying, bringing into use, bringing to bear, giving scope or opportunity, introduction ib.

pra-sañjayitavya [ prasaJjayitavya ]

mfn. = °saṅktavya ĀpŚr. Sch.